DNA tests - Identification


In our Australian Kennel Labradoodle we perform DNA tests for each puppy.

DNA testing is an important matter, thanks to which you find out whether your puppy comes from a declared mother and a declared father.

Is it really that important? Yes, you want to be sure that this is the case.

Many years of work have opened my eyes to the world of breeding and breeding of purebred dogs in general and until someone submits the right papers to my nose, I follow the principle of limited trust.

I have seen, heard and could not get over the shock of what intrigues breeders can come up with. But it can be said that an organization, without introducing adequate control, gives it quiet permission. I believe that any self-respecting organization should impose the obligation to perform DNA tests on all puppies, regardless of whether they are breeding puppies or on "knees".

We perform DNA tests of Australian Labradoodle puppies in a Dutch laboratory Dr. van Haeringen Laboratory BV (VHL) . Each Labradoodle registered in Alfa-Europe has its unique VHL number there. The laboratory, after receiving a sample of saliva or blood of our puppy, is able to reconstruct the entire family tree of a given line.

If everything is correct, the organization receives this information and creates a pedigree for the puppy. Non-compliance of puppies' origin is synonymous with exclusion from the organization.