Price of Australian Labradoodle

The price of Australian Labradoodle is high, but it reflects all the costs associated with health tests, purchasing, bringing healthy and good breeding lines. Registrations in a reputable organization and even know about and how to carry out the initial socialization of puppies by the breeder.

Price differences they should always cause the red lamp to light up and thoroughly analyze what they depend on. Unfortunately, the line, the line is not equal and many genetic diseases already appear in some of the Australian Labradoodle lines. It took me 1.5 years to look for a good and healthy Labradoodle line (imported to diversify the genetic pool), and I have been "sitting" on Australian Labradoodle for 8 years. , quick earnings - we know a similar situation in Poland after the amendment to the Animal Protection Act), which imposes on breeders to carry out very thorough health tests of their puppies, or even DNA tests - all this is unfortunately very expensive.

If the organization is interested in breed development and research, then there is the cost of other studies (e.g. Improper Coat) that are covered by breeders.

What about socialization? Can anyone do it? Of course! The only question is what effect? Knowledge of dog brain development and critical periods is key knowledge in socializing puppies. All stimuli that we give to puppies must be balanced and adapted to the specific period of development. Each puppy is different. And what about it? A true breeder improves his knowledge all the time, participates in various seminars and conferences. We live in an era where knowledge about animal behavior flourishes. Every now and then new facts come to us, but also great from the animal world - ethologists or behaviorists can have different opinions, opinions, and suppositions. And very good - thanks to that we have progress. Only you must not stop at one seminar or training. And such - in addition, carried out by people from abroad are very expensive. But the breeder's knowledge pays - pays for your puppy, simply.