Australian Labradoodle - reservations



The first step is to fill out the qualification form. We make it available on the website when the waiting list is opened. It is worth filling it out honestly and extensively, because thanks to this we get to know each other better and I am calmer when I find out what hands my puppy will potentially end up in.



After completing the form, you learn about the pre-approval (or not - not for all dudel and not all for dudel). Then we arrange a telephone conversation, thanks to which you learn about the details of the entire process. Then you decide whether you want to participate in it in this form. At this stage, we are also planning a meeting at our kennel.



After you are accepted on the waiting list, you get a book package from me. You also get a tutorial written by me - i.e. condensed knowledge about what you need to know before you accept a puppy into your home.
In addition, I grant you access to my platform where I have prepared for you a series of 7 webinars, thanks to which you will have no doubts how to deal with your puppy now and in the years to come. I care about this education the most.


Was your puppy born? From now on, you are informed about the development of the entire litter and you have access to my platform, where you can follow the puppies on a regular basis. 



For me, this is the most important element of the whole program and often at this point, I don't have time to answer e-mails and messages from new interested parties, for which I apologize here. At this point, I devote all my time to ensure that you get a well-prepared puppy. Know that this is a 24/7 job that will thank you and your pup in the future. This is also a good time to visit puppies. 



After conducting temperament tests, I select the right puppy for the right family. As one nice man said recently, not every marriage is good. So this marriage must be matched in 100%, that's why divorces don't happen here ;) Here I am asking you for maximum trust and openness - only thanks to this you will enjoy this one and only dog happiness for many years. 



We deliver puppies to new families in 99.0% cases. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver them stress-free to the place, accompanied by an adult dog. The puppy enters such a new environment without any problems, because we are with him. In addition, an adult dog shows how to get acquainted with a new environment. We travel with a dog that has been properly trained and knows specific procedures, so we are not afraid that something will go wrong. We are constantly training new dogs in this direction. Thanks to this approach, there is no "pulling" out of the nest and sudden cutting of the umbilical cord. We leave you home after passing a solid dose of knowledge and when your puppy is calm, relaxed and accepts the new situation.
We are a precursor of this approach in breeding Australian Labradoodles and more. We are very happy that other kennels follow our example as well as extensive socialization.


We are always ready to answer your questions and assist you in "growing up" your puppy.


We conduct extensive genetic research on our breeding dogs. Here, too, we can boast of a pioneering approach in Poland and even in some European countries.
Our dogs are tested for over 200 different genetic diseases (apart from mandatory tests for hips, elbows and eyes - PRCD-PRA).
Thanks to these tests, we know exactly which dogs we can pair with each other. Thanks to which we eliminate many potential genetic diseases that could happen to your puppies. 
We know the genetic codes of colors and coat types, thanks to which we are able to predict the colors of litters - although it will never be a priority for us. 
And most importantly, each of our breeding dogs is tested for percentage ancestry determination. That is, the breeds that make up the individual of the Australian Labradoodle. Because the Australian Labradoodle is not a simple cross between a Labrador and a Poodle!