How do I choose a puppy for you


Before I choose a puppy Australian Labradoodle for you we need to get to know each other well. Therefore, I invite you to a previously arranged visit to our home. During such a visit, you not only have the opportunity to meet our dogs and ask bothering questions.
First of all, I get to know you, your lifestyle, family dynamics and your temperaments. I can also see how you feel among dogs and how they react to you.

Interview is very important, but certainly not crucial, because during such a visit I will learn more than from a dry interview conducted by phone. I realize, however, that distance can be limiting. I am, however
convinced that if someone cares so much, he will overcome this distance. I am talking here about families located in Poland.
The last resort is to have a conversation on SKYPE, where I have the opportunity to see and talk to family members. Nevertheless, it is usually practiced with families living outside of Poland.

Getting to know you is only part of the job I have to do. After the birth of Labradoodle puppies, I watch them closely for the first 7 weeks. At 49 days of age, we perform temperament tests, which are usually a confirmation of previous observations. However, they are never final. I appreciate litter observation more than test results. Why? Because I think that to make them credible, they need to be repeated several times.


Puppy shape


Sometimes it may happen that the puppy is not in the best form for testing, e.g. it is too tired (these are usually puppies on which the tests are carried out on the last ones), full, hungry, something is wrong, etc. The result is really influenced by many factors. Then I sit down with the test results, good coffee, and tea;) and verify everything I know about families and puppies. Sometimes this process takes several days, sometimes I need to contact several families again to make sure about a few things, ask for some information.

This is not an easy process, but always sentimental. I have to look globally and at the same time individually at all families and their needs.
Sometimes someone asks the question whether it affects the sex or color of their boobies. Sometimes someone can be very meticulous, even giving the color of the nose. Of course, I am able to take some suggestions into account, but I always warn my family that for me the selection of temperament matters most. Therefore, such a family simply needs to be prepared for the fact that in a particular litter there will be no puppy for her. In a word, the more trust you give us, the better :)

After the trial, all families get a message from me with a proposal, which they can of course refuse. We don't do anything by force.