Ethical codex


I have been dealing with Australian Labradoodle for 10 years. Time, as you know, verifies views, modifies plans :)

It was not easy to mop the path, but I had good mentors. I learned a lot all these years, although my initial assumptions remained unchanged. The Code of Ethics that I committed to 10 years ago is still the same.


  1. Continues the program in accordance with the assumptions of the creator of the breed, in the promotion of the Australian Labradoodle as a working dog, allergy-friendly.
  2. I care for the health of both my dogs and puppies, knowingly not allowing dogs whose health raises doubts. I carry out health tests on my breeding dogs.
  3. I have as many dogs as I can cover my "flat" so that the conditions are comfortable for everyone. I don't keep dogs in cages, they are full family members. Every day I take part in various trainings with them. 
  4. I socialize puppies according to a properly constructed socialization plan.
  5. I carry out a careful selection of new owners for my puppies.
  6. I choose puppies for families, taking into account their individual needs in terms of temperament and utility.
  7. I equip every puppy with a health guarantee for genetic defects.
  8. I am constantly acquiring new knowledge in the field of behavior of companion animals by participating in numerous seminars and workshops.My Labradoodle kennel is registered in the Organization of Australian Labradoodle ALFA-Europe.