Is my Australian Labradoodle genuine?

Not once did I receive calls from the family who bought Labradoodl and after a while it turned out that the dog does not look like Labradoodle, moulting, allergic.

Such conversations can be very difficult, on the one hand I am full of compassion for the person who has to give the dog and on the other ... I am surprised because there is information available on the Internet on which to make the right decision.

Labradoodle Labradoodl not equal

Early crosses gave rise to many temperamental difficulties, ruled and caused allergic reactions. No one could predict either what an adult would look like or whether it would have the characteristics of multigenerational Austrian Labradoods.

And here is the key above all. If we are looking for a dog with a specific appearance and properties, then only Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle can give us that certainty.

These, in turn, are first registered by reputable organizations that issue pedigrees and require their breeders:

  • doing health tests
  • doing tests for proof of origin - DNA

What about affiliating organizations?

Unfortunately, however, some organizations allow early crosswords or Labradoodle mating with a different breed of dog (to reduce costs). And here we return to the starting point, although not necessarily. Not necessarily because each of us can check for ourselves what dogs a selected breeder breeds and make an informed decision. If the breeder only has multi-generational dogs and does all the required health tests (not earlier than one year after the dog's life - VERY IMPORTANT), that's okay.

However, I would stay away from breeders with 2 or more breeding programs. That is, those who breed multi-generational dogs and at the same time early crosswords.

Our breeding dogs are registered in ALFA-Europe, which accepts only Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle in their programs.