Włochata Pasja Keen Mija

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: TBA

Profil DNA – VHL_ID H410179

Size: Medium

Mija jest pogodnym, radosnym psiakiem. Żyje życiem jakie toczy się w domu, jeśli odpoczywamy to ona też odpoczywa, jeśli spędzamy czas aktywnie, to ona nie odmówi – uwielbia spacery, zabawy z piłką, uwielbia uczyć się nowych rzeczy. Wprowadza do domu dużo pozytywnej energii, a zarazem motywuje do ruszenia się z kanapy. Jest wiernym i oddanym kompanem, a także wspaniałym przyjacielem


Włochata Pasja Elegant Afera

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: TBA

Profil DNA – TBA

Size: Medium

Nasza Aferka to pies bardzo wymagający. Cały czas kręci się koło człowieka, kładzie głowę na kolanach i szuka atencji. Niejednemu zawróciła już w głowie okazywaną przez siebie potrzebą bliskości. Jest odważna i dzielnie eksplorująca, zupełnie jak jej mamusia. Ma ogromną intuicję. Uwielbia ćwiczyć i wszelkie sztuczki i komendy wchodzą jej do głowy w niesamowitym tempie. Mamy nadzieję, że tak jak jej mamusia będzie kiedyś cudownym psem dogoterapeutą.

Włochata Pasja Irresistible Furia

Numer rejestracji w ALFA-Europe: TBA

Profil DNA – TBA

Rozmiar: Mini

To nasza mała dama, która za niedługo skończy roczek. Furia to mini Australian Labradoodle. Waży zaledwie 8,5 kg. Jednakże energii ma za dwóch. Przyjaciółka i męczy kicha kotów. Wspaniała i kochana dziewczynka, która umila czas swoim człowiekom.


Hairy Passion Marvelous Casillas

Registration number in ALFA-Europe AES-F1703C

DNA profile - VHL_ID H116371

Size: Medium

Cassie is Fabian's dog. He dreamed of him so much that he named her after the footballer Iker Casillas. Cassie comes from Caramel our therapeutic bitch, who will no longer have puppies. As a puppy of several weeks, she captivated me with her personality. She needed human contact so badly that she was getting out of the delivery pen and crawling to my mattress while I was sleeping next to her. Then Fabian took the reins and Cassie actually behaves like a footballer. Cassie needs a lot of human contact. Its viability is a developed feature, while it is an Australian Labradoodle from the therapeutic line.

Cymbrogis Irresistible Renesemee

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: AES-F15007TC

DNA profile - VHL_ID H57534

Size: Medium

This is my spoiled princess. When she came to us, she was very sensitive so we allowed her "more". Today, "more" reflects hiccups;) But a cute hiccups. I am amused by her approach to achieve her goal, I pretend that I do not see what she is up to. But it is the only dog in our herd who smiles on command 🙂 Nessie is an Australian Labradoodle from the therapeutic lines, which can be seen at each guest visit. He likes to cuddle, put his head on his knee and stay that way. It doesn't impose itself, but it waits. A great bitch.

Hairy Nova passion

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: AES-F1808C   

Profil DNA –VHL_ID H208200 

Rozmiar: Mini/Medium

Nova is the daughter of Fili and Onyx. Nova is a workaholic. Her favorite activity is searching for the cinnamon scent - we are currently playing at NOSEWORK. We've even passed the exam recently. The new is an energetic bitch with a very strong focus on people. Even the chase of a cat is able to divert her one word "BACK"

Sessan’s Usko Moksu „GUCCI”

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: TBA

Profil DNA –TBA

Rozmiar: Mini

Gucci to wspaniały chłopak z linii terapeutycznych. Ma przepiękną szatę i wszystkich zadziwia swoim urokiem. Jest intuicyjny, łasy na ćwiczenia choć nie jest psem wszystkich ludzi i nie bedzie się ładował każdemu nowemu człowiekowi na kolana. Jest wyważony i stonowany. 

Hunky Dory Swarovski

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: TBA

Profil DNA –TBA

Rozmiar: Mini

Aktywny misiak i wszyscy są w nim zauroczeni. Szczególnie w jego szacie, która z wiekiem nie jaśnieje, ale przechodzi w piękny, wyraźny, rudy kolor.

Uwielbia wszelkiego rodzaju ćwiczenia i szuka kontaktu z człowiekiem. Jest typowo nastawiony na „ludzia” i będzie za nim podążał. Bardzo pozytywnie nastawiony do innych psiaków. 

Rutlands Black Onyxe

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: AES-M10002C

DNA profile VHL_ID H24804

Size: Standard

Onyx is our first breeding dog. He is already 9 years old and still behaves like a young puppy. Whoever doesn't show up at home will fall in love with him right away. Even those who for some reason would not like a black dog.

I love this guy. It is fun and charming. He embraces each guest with his front paws. It is strong athletic and has the amazing temperament of a typical Australian Labradoodle from the working lines.

Calypso Breeze Benji

Registration number in ALFA Europe: AES-M16005TC

DNA profile - VHL_ID H146191

Size: Standard

He joined us less than 2 years ago. Typical dog from therapeutic lines. He loves to carry items in his mouth. I laugh that when some other Labrador dope lost a toy in their thongs, all you have to do is release Benje into the yard. When he arrived, all the lost days of ancient times were found. Benji is typically human-oriented. He always wants to be close and training with the Lord makes him very happy. Such a little nerd. Benji is an Australian Labradoodle with a strong, nice build and strong bone.

Hairy Passion Charming Molly

Hairy Passion Charming Molly

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: AES-F12011C

DNA profile - VHL_ID H24806

Size: medium / standard

Molly is a Labradoodle with therapeutic temperament. Favorite activity is just to be close;) This is Caramel's daughter - it goes without saying;). Bed, under the bed, in front of the bed, under the table, under the desk, wherever Pancio. And best on the sofa, on Pancia's lap and just scratching behind the ear;) All Molly. The mother was very, very good although at the first time she didn't really understand what it was all about;)

Rutlands WH Golden Glamour

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: AES-F090015C

DNA profile - VHL_ID 28527

Size: average

This is the second Australian Labradoodle breeding bitch that came to us from Australia from Rutland Manor. A great, confident, balanced dog - Goddess's mother. Then - in Australia I fell in love with her, she was then a little over a year. She was beautiful, very balanced and willing to work. I was glad to accept it. In Poland she had 3 litters and ended her breeding career :). He is a wonderful dog, he is already 11 years old and is still fast and flexible;) he lies in bed, in the warmth;)

Rutlands WH Caramel

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: AES-F10001T / C

DNA profile - VHL_ID H24805

Size: Standard

Rutlands Caramel Passion is our first Labradoodle breeding bitch. She was born when I was in Australia, I had the opportunity to meet her already then. When she arrived in Poland in 2008, it was very loud about her, because she was the first Australian Labradoodle in Poland. Caramel is a bitch with a typical therapeutic temperament. Calm, balanced, he always stays close to us. She never had to learn to walk on a leash because without her she walked at her feet anyway.

He always responds enthusiastically to the guests' visit and chooses one man who strokes his head on his knee for the rest of the visit;) Caramel is 10 years old ... but this time is running.

Hairy Passion Earth Goddess

Registration number in ALFA-Europe: AES-F14004C

DNA profile - VHL_ID H38802

Size: Medium

A very independent girl with a strong temperament. Curious of the world so much that sometimes it opens the gate and goes sightseeing. She got it from her mother - she did the same. She has a great need to work with people, which is why we train mantrailing and nosework with her. He loves these trainings. When talking to SKYPE, wanting to get attention, he brings me socks from the laundry. At the end of the conversation I have a pile;). Goddess has another great feature - she is a mother for all puppies, regardless of whose they are. Great for using body language and CSs. During behavioral consultations he often accompanies me as a helper, especially for dogs who need to learn to use dog language. No matter how it sounds, some dogs just can't use it. Goddess is an Australian Labradoodle from a working dog line.

Goddess na emeryturze została certyfikowanym psem terapeutą dzięki czemu może wykorzystać swój wspaniały potencjał do pomagania innym.