Project - Foster Family


To make it clear, I'm not a total opponent of foster families. However, I am against the pattern in which a pregnant bitch is picked up from a foster family and kept with the breeder for the next few weeks.

On my website I talked about the impact of stress hormones on developing fetuses. Separation from the owner is always stressful for the bitch, unfortunately, unless the breeder's house would be her second home. Which is ... .. unfortunately unreal in the schemes where there are many foster families and the breeder leads a normal family life. Do not kid yourself.

Unfortunately, the impact of stress hormones on developing fetuses is large, and diseases resulting from being in such a prenatal environment may not manifest themselves until years later.

Genes + environment + Nutrition is the holy trinity. It is enough that one of these elements is disturbed, and the dog's immunity drops temporarily and the whole system begins to fall apart. From here, a short distance to various diseases, often incurable or requiring treatment for the rest of your life.

And here everything begins, right? In prenatal life. So why can't we give these puppies all the best for a good start in life? It's so important, and at the beginning we take something so important from them.

This is my position. Anyway, as an Expert in Animal Welfare I would shoot my knee if I tried to convince anyone otherwise.

We will definitely have foster families for our Australian Labradoodle males. So far, there was one of our girls in the family - Molly, but as you know puppies were born there and were brought up there. I have always participated in childbirth and helped socialization. When the puppies were big enough to leave the family, they came to me for further socialization.