Breed or mutt

My big crime


Ten years ago, I committed a great crime. Oh yes! Huge! I brought Australian Labradoodle from Australia to Poland. The shocked Internet was trembling from discussing the types of lynching on my person. I just do not read such things, I know that HEJT has always been, is and will be. And because the first always has a hard time paving the way, in life I try to follow a certain truth.

“Every truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed, then it is denied, and finally it is taken for granted.” This is my favorite Schopenhauer quote. And I am convinced that many of these online haters at the turn of the last 10 years, interested in the breed, have already managed to contact me.

I know that truth, passion, love for what you do, but above all sincere intentions, always defend themselves. Always.

I have already presented my position on the subject of racial or kundel in another article.


Racial or mongrel

New dog breeds are still being created and registered. The breeds already known to us are still being effectively destroyed (flattening of the mouths, contouring of the hind legs). I think that if people took care of themselves and polished their diamond every day, the world would look different.


Alfa-Europe with another organization


Alfa-Europe, together with another Australian organization, has attempted to register Australian Labradoodle in the home country. Unfortunately, however, due to other views, we had to withdraw from the venture. It's really not about registration for itself, but for special reasons, which in my opinion should be protecting the breed and watching over its purity. So an organization that avoids doing DNA tests for puppies is not the right partner for us. He is also not a suitable patron of the breed.