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My name is Edyta. Animals are my passion, and because I spent the first years of my life in the countryside, they accompany me from a small age. Thanks to my grandfather, I learned the secrets of rural-farm life. Pattering my feet among chicks, visits to the stable barefoot, observing the world of bees and learning to respect them ...
The world of nature in which I grew up and gave so much love was always filled with some animals.




Unfortunately, after some time I began to feel allergic to animals: pigs, rabbits, hamsters, later parrots and finally dogs. Dogs I've always dreamed of so much. Although I lived for many years that I would never be able to have them again, I couldn't accept it. Fortunately, my inborn stubbornness told me that if I really want something, I will always find a way to make my dream come true. 

I caught the bug when I first became the owner of a hypoallergenic dog - Blanki. Together, we were an excellent team. The beginning is all kinds of training with her, immediately afterwards I began to go deeper and deeper into animal behavior, which is my great passion to this day. I decided that in this direction I want to develop.

In my childhood I learned delicacy from chickens, respect from bees and from horses, that ... that we don't go barefoot to the stable. Already as an adult I graduated from behavioral and zoopsychology. I am also an expert witness in the field of animal welfare.




My goal for the near future is to finish the book that I started writing a few years ago. Her theme is the development of the puppies' brains as well as the importance and importance of proper socialization. 

I am the author of articles about Australian Labradoodle for Polish cynological magazines. 

I actively participate in various lectures, trainings, workshops and lectures. One of the most important presentations I had the opportunity to host was at TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) - a very well-known and popular scientific conference organized by the American non-profit foundation Sapling Foundation. The aim of the conference is to promote "ideas worth spreading" for self-study.

My daily work as a zoopsychologist and behaviorist is primarily to repair the relationship between animal and human, and to help families with behavioral problems of their pets (dogs and cats). However, the greatest pleasure for me is putting my knowledge into practice for the purposes of socializing puppies that come into the world as blank, unsaved cards. What they receive from me and from their owners in the first weeks of life will clearly affect their fate. That is why proper socialization of puppies in the most important, almost critical development phase is so crucial. My greatest passion is to see these developing "noodles", remembering not only what I was taught in seminars, trainings, but most of all chickens, horses and bees ...



My mother Ela was the final impulse to found Australian Labradoodle kennel. For five years we took care of the pooches together. Unfortunately, in 2014, she was taken by a cruel disease. However, I know that to this day he supports and protects me ... although not as before.

Hairy Passion
The first Australian Labradoodle kennel in Poland



Institution: Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Qualifications obtained: Dog Emotion and Cognition Diploma

Institution: Association of Pets to People 

Qualifications obtained:

- certified dog therapist

- visiting team: Edyta Gajewska and the dog Goddess

The certificate entitles you to conduct visiting classes independently and to support the educational process / therapy in cooperation with a specialist.

Institution: Nosework Polska Association

Qualifications obtained: Certified Nosework Polska Instructor

Institution: District Courts

Title: Court expert in the field of cynology and animal welfare

Facility: Center of Applied Pet Ethology - COAPE

Qualifications obtained: Animal Behaviorist (British licensed animal behavioral qualification COAPE)

Facility: European Study of Animal Psychology and Practical Knowledge

Qualifications obtained: Zoopsychologist

Facility: Four-legged Academy, Pastel Alicja Duda

Completed coaching course

Seminars and diplomas obtained:

Akademia 4 Łapy, "Relaxation massage workshop for dogs"

Kyno Education "What squeaks in the genes or how to choose a sire"

Amber Batson, a series of seminars from the series "New concepts in behaviorism":

Amber Batson, "Taming a savage - silencing a dog using prizes"

Amber Batson, "How does Memory work in dogs - what does the dog remember, how does his behavior change, and how can we influence it?"

Amber Batson, "Unusual behaviors - aggression, depression, learned helplessness, development of stereotypes"

Professor Raymond Coppinger, "Emotions, intelligence and behavior of dogs"

Alexa Capra "Behavioral tests in the adoption process"

Turid Rugaas "Therapist's Dog Work"

Sally Askew "Dog nutrition and behavioral problems"


Australian Labradoodle


For a long time there was one thought in my head - the problem of allergies affects so many people around the world and it seems that they will be constantly coming. I was also wondering how many disabled people who need an assistance dog in this whole group? How many asthmatics or allergy sufferers need a working dog?

I accidentally came across an article in the monthly "My Dog" by Magda Urban from the "Psia Wachta" Foundation. It was an article about Beverly Manners and her great Australian Labradoods - it was a bull's-eye, I knew it was something I was looking for for so long. We made contact very quickly and our fantastic relationship began. For about a year, she shared her valuable experience with me.

In 2008 I flew to Australia, I visited Beverly Manners at Rutland Manor. For five weeks I lived with her and gained invaluable knowledge caring for her dogs, and during our long, evening conversations. I know one thing, it was an experience I won't forget for the rest of my life. For the first time I did not feel any allergic reactions despite being in contact with so many dogs, the smile did not leave my face and I caught the bug completely.