Australian Labradoodle good for children. Is it true?

Australian Labradoodle good for children. I often hear this sentence. Correction - no, not all dogs of this breed will be suitable for families with children. You can't throw all the dogs in one sack - they should be friendly. In each litter there are different temperaments and the breeder should watch the developing puppies. You can also use the help of a behaviorist and do temperament tests. These tests determine the predisposition and then you can easily assess the puppy - whether a given family will cope with it, or will it be happy in a given family.

I emphasize, however - tests determine certain predispositions of the puppy and the further direction of work with him. They are not a prophecy and we must be aware that what our puppy will be like is in our hands. Only. We need to know that what we do with him and what we don't do will affect his future temperament.

Another issue is our work and socialization.

Imagine a puppy who had no contact with the breeder. The new owner didn't do much about the subject either. Suddenly a baby is born, and the dog gets restrictions from day to day that he didn't have before. From now on, he is not allowed to get on the sofa, into the bedroom (where the newborn is staying), he is not allowed to smell the baby, although the new smells seem so intriguing. The BABY = SAME BAD combination appears in the brain of such a dog. After all, since that little screeching appeared, my life changed - for the worse. Add to this anxiety - I have never seen anything like that, is it safe? Small screeching begins to crawl, pulls the dog's coat, stomps on the tail. It turns out very quickly that it's not - it's not safe. And what can I do - I will choose escape (moving away from the unpleasant situation), but when I have the opportunity to escape I will not have the last option - I will bite. I will remove danger and feel better for a moment.