Types of Australian Labradoodle hair

There are two types of Australian Labradoodle hair

- Fleece (curly, wavy)
- Wool

These types of hair are considered allergy friendly.

In early generations, short hair and hair-like hair can be seen. These are usually visible in early crosses, unfortunately they tend to fall out, allergic and the dog emits a characteristic dog smell.

Australian Labradoodle colors

There are many Australian Labradoodle colors. Some more, some less popular. It is also often unfortunately difficult to predict if a puppy will change coat color in the future or not. For example, the recently popular lavender color comes from a brown color that faded after about 1.5 years.

And so here we can meet Labradoodle in colors:

- black
- silver
- white (chalk)
- creamy
- gold
- apricot
- red
- chocolate
- coffee with milk
- lavender
- parchment
- parti color
- phantom