Australian Labradoodle and their diet


What to feed Australian Labradoodle?


In my kennel I feed dogs only dry foods from good producers. Every puppy leaving my house gets a large sack of Karma Acana Heritage Puppy, which lasts for about 2 months.
Nutrition of puppies has a very important impact on their proper development, health and good condition. We believe that by providing a large nutritional layette, families will continue to feed on the same karma in the future.


Any food alternatives?


Several ways of feeding dogs are known:

- Recently popular BARF
- Cooked food prepared by the owner

In both cases, it is important that all nutrients are properly selected for the age, weight, activity of the dog, and are in an appropriate proportion to each other (for example, the appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphorus). It is a challenge that the ordinary owner is simply hard to meet.

When using such a diet, you should remember about regular blood tests for the level of individual microelements in the body. I am not opposed to such nutrition, as long as it is properly balanced BUT, I never recommend families to introduce such a diet until the first 14 months by the dog.




In the first period of life, we want to be sure that we provide our Labradoodle puppy with all the necessary micronutrients for bone development. Both their deficiency and excess can do a lot of damage to the young, developing bone. Damage that may not be reversible.


Can I give my dog a treat?


Yes, but it's best natural, not the store with lots of chemistry. You can serve cooked carrots, apple, pickled cucumber, dried beef, eggs, boiled turkey. Everything cut into small cubes. REMEMBER! There should never be more snacks than 10%-20% daily food weight. Otherwise, we will disrupt the diet, and our dog will simply be waiting for treats, refuse his karma and we will be in a losing position.