Grooming secrets

A richly illustrated guide enriched with a mini video grooming course, thanks to which you will learn the right way to cut your dog.

You will learn a revolutionary method of hair volume reduction.
You will learn the secret of genetic hair volume reduction.

30+ instructional graphics, 164 pages, 28 movies

our oldest female is years old

combing hours

countries have our puppies

kg of food eaten

Australian Labradoodle

They feel good in the family and love playing together. They are also dogs whose hair is allergy friendly. If you are interested in a children's dog that will be a great playmate, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our puppies. Our strengths are the socialization plans that we build for each litter so that each puppy is well prepared for adoption.

The first certified trainer of The Nordic Center of Ethical dog Training in Poland

with the title of "Calming Signals Specialist" under license

Labradoodle Hairy Pasja - Edyta Gajewska - Calming Signals Specialist

Would you like your dog to be safe at all times?

A dog is the most faithful companion, a four-legged friend and a member of the family. Get to know the first Dog insurance in Poland and ensure, among others: up to PLN 50,000 reimbursement of his treatment costs.

* insurance for medical expenses
* dog owner's liability insurance
* dog death insurance

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