Health of Australian Labradoodle?

In the breeding of Wlata Pasja we went a step further with health issues. That is, in addition to the standard tests that the organization imposes on us, we do genetic tests for our dogs for 22 diseases to which the ancestors of the Australian Labradoodle may be predisposed. We also study DNA markers of 170 other potential genetic diseases. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee that various ailments will not appear in the next generations of your kids. 

We also provide each family with the exact DNA code for your puppy's parents. These studies reveal the percentage share of particular base breeds in a given, specific individual. Thanks to this, you can be sure what you are buying, and that your Australian Labradoodle is a multigenerational dog with a tested and determined percentage of each Australian Labradoodle ancestor.

Often, the reason for buying an Australian Labradoodle dog is the belief that they are the healthiest dogs. Oh, what a disappointment he had met many times when it turned out that the dog's hips had to be changed.

There are healthy lines, but there are also linden ones after which we can expect problems. In the US or Australia, for example, there are more and more health problems in the breed. The same is starting to happen in the Netherlands. Everything comes from the popularization of the breed and the use of weak breeding lines (often because of the desire to save).

Good Australian Labradoodle kennel - how to find her?

A good breeder registers his dogs in a reputable organization focused on the good of the breed, not for quick profit.

Checks breeding dogs for health - all hip and elbow scans should be carried out AFTER THE YEAR from the birth of the dog. Tests in the 4th month (which is very common, unfortunately) are not adequate and often repeated after a year give a negative result, and the dog cannot be used for breeding purposes. Ask for tests from your BREEDER because taking the results of early tests for granted, often the farmer does not repeat the tests.

A good breeder INVESTS in good lines, he doesn't save on breeding dogs. Yes, these can be expensive. The price of the Australian Labradoodle is a reflection of the financial outlays incurred just among others on healthy, tested lines.

The Labradoodle breeder invests in good nutrition of his dogs, cares for their proper physical exertion.

What can the potential owner do?

Choose a good, honest breeder. Do the right research. Do not buy just because somebody has puppies available. Unfortunately, such quick decisions are often wrong.

Feed your puppy properly balanced food. Thanks to this we give him the best for a good start. Not only for the proper development of the skeleton but also for the entire system.

Ensure moderate movement - without being used too much up to 14 months of age. This is very important. Even the most promising hips can be damaged by over-exploitation. Throwing a ball to a puppy, jogging for a kilometer, etc. With such activities you should wait until the puppy reaches the right age.

Other health issues?


You have to take care of your ears. Contrary to appearances, does not mean weekly cleaning. We clean when they are dirty. We do not pull hair - it is a natural protective barrier.

We shave the path from the ear, under the chin, to the other ear. Thanks to this, the ear has adequate ventilation. After bathing, we dry the area thoroughly because moisture is a great habitat for mushrooms.

Inadequate ear hygiene (both care and excessive care) often leads to recurrent infections.


The breeder should provide eye test results for PRCD-pra