Temperament - is this a dog for you?


Australian Labradoodle are cool, family dogs. However, are they suitable for everyone? Certainly not, as every race has its pros and cons. Not everyone would be happy to have such a dog, but not every Labradoodle family will feel good.

There are two lines of Australian Labradoodle

  • working line
  • therapeutic line

The working line is dogs that are very busy and have a desire to do something all the time. They still carry something in their mouths, carry various items to their owners. They are always ready for tasks. You can wonderfully use the potential of such a dog and are great for "work" in various fields (mantrailing, nosework, obedience, wheelchair work). Unsatisfied in intellectual terms, they will look for other entertainment - destruction of objects, escape, etc.

The therapeutic line is calmer by nature. They like to be close to the owner, often putting his head on his lap or lying on his feet. These dogs, in turn, are suitable for therapeutic work, because human proximity is very important to them. They will never become Obi champions, because they do not have such an impulse to work. They will prove themselves in calm classes.

Anyway, this is a breed that requires a lot of attention from the owner. They just like to be in his presence, they like to be close. It's hard to chase away their wet languages. I laugh that they should basically be called Lickerdoodle. In turn, when we give them too much attention, never leaving them alone at home, they can develop separation fears. They are very susceptible to this because it is a very sensitive breed.

They require a lot of time to care for the coat. Before the first year there is a hair exchange period and then they begin to tangled. Depending on the individual, they need up to 3 x combs per week. On longer fur they carry branches, sand, thistles and snow balls in the winter.

You should take care of their joints, because overloaded they can get dysplasia or other diseases related to the skeleton. You must be very careful for the first 14 months. Ears also need proper care. 


Escort striped labradoodle


They are very sociable and like other people. On walks they want to greet everyone, their nature and it is often difficult for owners to teach them not to. Jumping in greeting is also a big problem. With a stranger or a friend, your dog will gladly greet you on two legs. That is why it is necessary to learn how to behave early.

They love other dogs and will pull on a leash to say hello to them. Learning to pull on a leash should be taken in the first days after receiving the puppy.

They collect from the street what will happen, therefore, as above, you need to deal with this behavior from a small age.

Presented and friends with cats early enough, they will live well with them. Otherwise, they will be happy to chase them, which is why learning 'cancellation' is the basis, otherwise they will get lost in the pursuit of amusement.

Although it is not a "difficult" breed, it cannot be said that it is "easy" and that early training is necessary. I mean not only dog kindergarten for 2 months, but continuing education until the first year of life. They learn quickly, but they catch all our mistakes and inconsistencies by turning their own way.

Still interested in Labradoodle? It's great, you will be rewarded in the number of dog kisses;)