Breed pattern


Graceful, compact and balanced. A friendly and extremely joyful attitude with a very intelligent expression. Intuitive temperament, slightly footed and at the same time athletic.

The ratio of dimensions and weight

Real size is not as important as lack of exaggeration and overall balance. It's a little longer than tall, ten to twelve.

There are three sizes:

Miniature - smaller than 45cm
Medium - between 45 and 60cm
Standard - above 60cm

The spine and ribs cannot be felt under the coat and the weight should not be too big.



Friendly, lively, cooperating with people, looking for eye contact and above all people-oriented. 




Skull with carved occiput bones, medium wide, not prominent. A little longer from the nose to the occiput than from the top of the skull to the occiput. Muzzle of considerable width with well-fitting lips and lips. A fleshy and large-sized nose - very characteristic (it is not advisable for it to be small, pointed, narrow or pinched).

Curious and gentle, lively and sweet at the same time. Clearly and with commitment he looks for eye contact.




Wide apart, round or oval. They should not be sunken or bulging and drooping eyelids is a serious drawback. Long eyelashes are a characteristic feature of a dog.

Their color should refer to the dog's pigment. Nut-colored eyes are found in dogs that have chocolate, caramel and coffee-milk pigment. Black and cream pigmentation is usually dark brown eye color. Blue eyes or two different colors are disqualifying from breeding. A piercing, sharp or blunt look is a serious drawback.




Wide apart on the sides of the head, hanging down, slightly below the level of the skull and slightly raised at the base for better air flow.




Scissor bite is definitely preferred, however, in terms of the exterior or temperament of the individual, pincer bite is allowed. Gums and teeth healthy and strong. Crooked bite, undershot, undershot bite are, unfortunately, disadvantages that disqualify from breeding.


Neck and upper back line


The neck is slightly arched, muscular and strong with a moderate length. Stretched gracefully to the upper torso line. The upper torso line - horizontal, falls slightly just behind the withers, is slightly inclined above the hips towards the low set tail. Body with great proportions, chest slightly deep, but without exaggeration. The tail is carried like a saber, fixed low from a slightly inclined croup. When excited, it can be carried happily, higher than the back line, while bent and twisted up the back line is a disadvantage.




  1. Front part

Muscular shoulders, perfectly developed, not heavy. Relatively long, wide with standard counting. The elbows are turned neither in nor out, significantly set in front of the ribs. Forelegs strong bone, vertical to the ground, with short but strong wrists. The forelegs cannot be too short because it causes the dog to pull down, strains the tendons and joints and also reduces its assessment.

  1. Back part

Broad, strong and well-muscled thighs. Balanced contouring. The knee to the ankle joint is longer than the ankle to the ground.




Compact and strong, with well arched toes, oval or round. Thick pads, short nails. The dog is born without hind wolf claws. Hare paws are a big drawback, unfortunately.




There are two types of single-layer hair: wool and fleece. The coat is a very characteristic feature of every dog, therefore it is given priority after the exterior and temperament.

Hair type: Wool

Appearance and texture of the coat the closest to a poodle. The length of the coat is cut to the same size on the limbs and torso. Shaving coat on legs shortly, not to the ankles. The tail is entirely hairy. We should not shave the hair on the head and mouth, we can trim it with scissors.

Hair type: Fleece

Gently curly or wavy of similar length on the limbs and torso. Presented as abundant and long. To reveal the eyes, the coat should be trimmed on the mouth. Feet shaved briefly but only up to heel height. The shaved parts of the paws are covered with hair that hangs from the upper parts of the limbs. Paws cannot be shaved to the ankles as they are done in a poodle. The tail coat must be longer and free.


The dog is in motion


During the jog, we feel as if the dog hovered without any effort above the ground. He moves agile, athletic and at the same time very lightly giving the impression of cheerful going in a certain direction. Looking at the dog from the back or front, we don't see the legs twisted either outside or inside. The dog's step goes down towards the center of gravity during the run. Looking at the side of his limbs should stretch smoothly to the end. They should not rise or bend high up. Short and strong ankle joint, very well balanced and extended forward under the body.




  • lavender
  • parchment
  • silver
  • black
  • blue
  • chocolate
  • shades of cream, caramel and apricot
  • red
  • coffee with milk

The so-called parti-color, i.e. combinations of one of the colors listed above in combination with cream or white, is also allowed, but not promoted.


Summary of defects:


Males with uneducated testicles six months old or older, as well as any deviations from the breed standard.

Source: Quarterly of the Polish Kennel Club "Kynologia", 1/2012 (31)